Latest News: We search for friendly matches opponents during July! Our first competetive match ever will be played on Sunday the 16th of August, 2020, at 17:00 (CET 16:00). A historical moment for the club! During July and early August we will play Showteam matches. All homematches will be sent live on the net on this site. Our players will soon be presented with name and photos. Looking forward to a great season!

Football Primetime FC is a new club in Kalmar, Sweden. The name says it all, as the idea is that all our players will have their Primetime as the play for us.

We want our players to develop their football skills on the field and also as persons outside the field. Good players from all over the world increase their chances to be discovered as they play for our club, The Showteam.

Our aim is that our players get the chance to move on in their football career playing for clubs in higher leagues later on, in Sweden or abroad.

Our ambition is to live stream our matches on this site in cooperation with a broadcast company. Previous matches will be available on the site to watch at any occassion.

Players, if you want to be a part of Primetime FC, Please apply to join!

Clubs, agents, sponsors and investors welcome to contact us for more information.

Best wishes,

The team of Football Primetime FC